Natuvital Sweden

Natuvital offers dietary supplements with a focus on fluid replacement, vitamins and minerals. Since 2006, Natuvital has been specialized and a leader in electrolyte solutions. With the World Health Organization’s (WHO) recipe for fluid replacement as a starting point*, we have created unique products for special purposes with a focus on high quality and good taste. The products have been carefully designed to help replace fluids and electrolytes lost due to, for example, physical activity. Our products are easy to prepare and consume anywhere, you only add plain water.

With excellent taste, we offer a number of different brands and flavors that are of the highest quality.

Our products are mainly distributed in Scandinavia in more than 1000 stores online and offline.

Business concept:

“We will offer the market’s best and most complete fluid replacement solutions. This means that our recipes and products are of the highest quality with the best taste, which creates a strong “value-for-money” feeling among our users.“


“By being a unique specialist with a simple and clear offer, Natuvital will always be the obvious choice for the consumer in fluid replacement.”

*The recipe for fluid replacement that WHO has developed for use in so-called developing countries has been our source of inspiration when we at Natuvital created our products. However, the Formula of our products differs from the WHO’s and they have not been approved or sanctioned by the WHO. The products are also not intended for exactly the same purpose.

Your brand?

Do you want to market your own brand? Create a custom taste? We offer private label solutions based on your idea and wishes. We can help you develop recipes and tastes. We can also help you with design and artwork. Contact us for more information.

Team natuvital

Robert Malmqvist

Martin Månsson

Jesper Jurell
Sales Manager

Simon Andreasson
Social Media Manager

Dr. Charlie Attariani
International Sales Director