3 tubes ReWater MAX + Sports bottle

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30 day package with ReWater MAX + Sports bottle

Buy 3 ReWater MAX tubes of your choice (30 days consumption) and get a sports bottle for free (value SEK 49). Total 40% discount.

Keep your fluid balance and get all the necessary vitamins and minerals for free! Start the day on top with a dose of ReWater MAX (2 tablets).

ReWater MAX Green Tea Lemon

ReWater MAX 3-in-1 (fluid replacement + multivitamin + minerals)

ReWater MAX is a 3-in-1 effervescent tablet consisting of a carbohydrate-electrolyte solution combined with a broad multivitamin and minerals. An "every day product" for the whole family that can be taken in the morning and evening throughout the year. ReWater MAX fluid replacement is a carbohydrate-electrolyte solution that improves water absorption during physical exercise. Recommended for adults and children over three years.

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Sports Bottle Natuvital 50 cl

Sports bottle for training or the gym. With ReWater and ReSport logo. 50 cl.

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